About Us
First Class Tree Care is the latest professional tree care company to grace Canberra’s treescape. With over 8 years experience working with trees in Canberra and its surrounding areas as a professional Arborist, you can rest assured your trees will receive the best tree care Canberra has to offer.

We are a small, privately run company with the capacity to deliver tree services far greater than our size would indicate. We offer a very personal service, listening to the requirements of our clients and giving the best possible advice, recommendations and care your trees deserve. Our aim is to provide you with a tidy, high quality tree service and to maintain our 100% customer satisfaction on every job.

Arboriculture has come a long way in recent years, what was once thought of as the correct method for pruning 15 years ago, may well be outdated now. Some pruning methods have been proven to be of no benefit to the trees health and may even increase the risk of dropping branches. This is why, at First Class Tree Care, we recommend having your trees assessed and maintained by a qualified Arborist with up to date knowledge and experience, to complete the job accurately, the first time, to ensure the best possible outcome for you and your trees.
Scott Williams

We have a team of Certified Tree Arborist in the Canberra Region:

- Certificate III in Arboriculture - AHC30810
- Conduct Tree Inspections – AHCARB302A
- Perform above ground pruning – AHCARB203A
- Undertake complex tree climbing – AHCARB307A
- Remove trees in confined spaces – AHCARB305A
- Perform aerial rigging – AHCARB310A
- Undertake aerial rescue – AHCARB306A
- Implement a tree maintenance program – AHCARB301A
- Implement a tree pruning program – AHCARB303A
- Identify plant specimens – AHCPCM303A
- Trim and cross cut felled trees – FPICOT2239A
- Fall tree manually (intermediate) – FPIFGM3212
- Prepare and apply chemicals – AHCCHM303A
- Transport handle and store chemicals – AHCCHM304A
- Licence to perform high risk work – HR106090 - WP